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  I create fantasy portraits using photographs and imagination. More often than not, I use acrylic paint.  I discovered early on that acrylic paints fast drying time best suited my obligations and client’s urgency.  

 That said, because of the slower drying pace with oils, my work necessitates far more patience, from me and from you. Also, when working with expensive oils,  the price of my work is higher.

 When completed using either medium, my work will last many generations. Oil mediums have been around for thousands of years, while acrylic paint is   relatively  the new kids on the block. We don’t know the shelf life for acrylics. My thoughts are, acrylic paint is basically plastic,  and since science discovered plastic never actually goes away in our landfills,  I think we can safely say there is no reason to believe acrylic paint won’t have the same staying power as oil.

Ultimately the choice is yours.

 There is no better joy than looking upon the face of a happy client and that far outweighs the anticipation of the completed project!  But for me, the creation of the project also brings intense happiness.

 I love what I do, and I hope you will too!

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