My name is Marian, aka, KnightMarian, as a native of Savannah, Georgia there is no doubt what I would grow up to be, a weirdo artist. You’ll have to visit my city to see the many reasons.

I am a self-taught artist, studying when I was younger to the masterworks of Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo, and many others. Their realistic fantasy style blew me away, and I just knew I had to create that same type realistic fantastical art like them. I call it fantasy portraiture.

Today, I’m still studying. One of my favorite types of art is hyper-realism. I’ve purchased several tutorials from Andrew Tischler and have a monthly subscription to Michael James Smith. Check them out!

I don’t want to copy them; I want to learn from them. For me, they are the new masters. I look to the original masters too, but they don’t have tutorials. 🙂

For many years I created artworks in acrylic paint, but lately I’m more drawn to oils. The smell, for one, is just glorious and the way they flow!, I just love them. The only drawback I’ve found is their drying time. To completely dry, oil paintings can take up to one year. 

Alongside painting, I sew and write. I’m afraid I may not have the great American novel inside of me, but like everything else I’ve done in life I go full on with all I have. My primary focus has always been my painting.